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Welcome to the Kentucky-Ohio branch of Ausar Auset Society International!

Ausar Auset Society (AAS) is an international organization dedicated to the Pan-African spiritual teachings of Kamit (Ancient Egypt) through the work of Shekhem Ur Shekhem (King of Kings) and Ashem Ur Ashemu (High Priest), Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen. With over 40 books masterly written, the Metu Neter series is the heart of the society's curriculum. Founded in 1973 with headquarters in New York, AAS has 35 branches throughout the US, UK, Toronto, Bermuda, Trinidad, South Africa, and Ghana. 

Since the teachings came to Kentucky-Ohio in 1990, we have been teaching classes and providing the tools that aim at the awakening of the Ausar principle (The Divine Self) within each of us. Students and members learn successful ways to overcome the daily challenges of life. Our services are equipped by our qualified priest of over 30 years, Shekhem As Sih Aqaqa Ba!

You too can learn Kamitic philosophy (cosmology), meditation, yoga, nutrition,  Qi Gong, have an Oracle consultation, and more!

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Hear more about our
Ua Ab Meditation classes on
Healing from Trans-Generational Trauma
from featured the experts such as...  
 Samuel Simmons and Dr. Joy Degruy
as they discuss
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

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Spiritual & Health Classes On Demand on Vimeo for the Ausar Auset Kentucky Ohio Community. Learn Meditation by the teachings of Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen at your own pace!

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I am the likeness of God. I've got the power of God within me. I am the power of God, not in amount but in kind, thus I am relaxed in the face of the greatest challenges.

Helping you be the best you can be! Classes on Ausarian Initiation, Meditation, Ra Qi Gong, Akwkwoba African Drumming, Spiritual Consultations, Hatha Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Laohu Qi Gong, Round Nei Kung Gi Gong, Tree of Life Qi Gong, & Stasis Qi Gong.
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