Shekhem As Sih Aqaqa Ba dressed in African clothing on stage hitting his drum.

Meet our High Priest,
Shekhem Ä Sih Aqaqa Ba

Currently responsible for the growth and development and operation of the city-states of Kentucky & Ohio. 11 Members currently reside in cities located in Lexington, Louisville KY;  Dayton, Columbus , Akron, and Cleveland Ohio

Brooklyn born in the year of 1959 is where we will find the ancestor, Robert Wint, returning to experience life again. After living in the multi ethnic country of Jamaica from age 5 until 10, he returns to the US to be rudely awakened by Martin Luther King's death and learns of abject racism for the first time. His spiritual journey then continued and led to further significant awakenings as he grew.

Shekhem Ä Sih Aqaqa Ba pursued a career in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northeastern University, after which he relocated to Dayton Ohio to start his career with Mead Digital Systems, after graduating in 1982.  It was in Dayton, Ohio where he was afforded his introduction to The Ausar Auset Society

There, he married to his wife Lisbeth Josephina Stuard, from Maracaibo, Venezuela mother of my three sons, Robert Errol and Sean, now renamed “Aresh Bakau”, “Ankh Neru” and “Maa Ser Sene Ket Tefe” respectively. This name change was the result of him finding his spiritual home in  Dayton Ohio in 1989.

The beginning of ausar auset society's             kentucky-ohio community

While residing in Dayton Ohio for just over 16 years, after a lifetime of following the Christian faith, Robert Wint (imaged above) became an avid "Seeker of Truth and Understanding" out of a deep yearning for right knowledge, and a way to cultivate a true relationship with God.  At 33 years of age, driven by the thirst for truth, ...alongside a co-founder, they created The Maat Communal Library. The focus of the organization was specifically structured to redesign our thinking of the education process that defines the books as repositories of information, but instead, saw that the members, and not the books, are the true repositories of knowledge (assimilated information).

For three consecutive years, the members of the Maat Communal Library ventured out on weekend pilgrimages to Pan African speaking engagements such as The University of Cincinnati Black Man Think Tank conventions to hear Black Scholars and Authors Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Dr. Naim Akbar, Dr Karinga, Dr Ben, Dr Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, to name a few of our recent scholars. For him, this was the second major phase of his awakening as a human being, now capable of being conscious of The Divan Self.

Through continued networking efforts of collaborating in bringing people together through the Maat Communal Library, Robert crossed paths with Jamila Talibah who at the time sponsored The Shekhem Ur Shekhem (SUS), Ra Un Nefer Amen, of The Ausar Auset Society International (AASI), who came to introduce his first major publication in the series of the Metu Neter Vol 1 in Dayton. Fortunately, even though Robert was out of town when this event took place, by way of the ancestors, was given a recording to which he listened in amazement!

Upon hearing the knowledge that flowed while listening to the speech given by Ra Un Nefer Amen, Shekhem Ur Shekhem of The Ausar Auset Society, he knew then and there that Maat had led me to a truly great "living library" manifested in the teachings and guidance of SUS. This motivated  him to take his maiden voyage home to meet and greet in person Ra Un Nefer Amen, of the Ausar Auset Society headquartered in place of his birth, in Brooklyn New York. This was the third awakening opening the way for the initiation process to begin by way of the Ancestors back to Ausar!

Now completely amazed after hearing SUS speak in person, his insatiable thirst for this knowledge and desire to learn more, lead him to his second encounter with AASI where he requested permission to visit the Chicago Hesp. It was indeed magical day, in which he met for the first time,  twice in one day,  “his brother from another mother” Siyamokosoyo; Also a priesthood member, Ausetn Temu of the Auset Clan, (also his clan!) who introduced him to his Sheps, Kamakayate, where he in turn, gave Robert council about his family as well as his Kamitic name…
                                                Ä Sih Aqaqa Ba <Ah-See-Ah-CoCo-Ba>
                          "He who lives his life in the way of our ancestors here and now"
...and reminded him of many important past life events, almost forgotten, later verified through the meditations.

This experience established solidified As Sih Aqaqa Ba's faith and understanding as well as the Dayton communities relationship with the Chicago Hesp after sharing it with the rest of the study group when he returned home. He spoke with Jamila about the possibility of continuing to study Kametic philosophy and bringing African Culture into Dayton by way of the Ausar Auset Society, after which we founded the original Dayton study group in 1989, which at the time was a natural extension of the Maat Communal Library. Everyone wanted to meet the Chicago community, which naturally became our spiritual reservoir. It functioned as a local extension of AASI New York who provided mentorship as we continued to learn and grow as priesthood members allowing us the capability of attending priesthood classes and rituals by traveling from Dayton to Chicago twice monthly under the leadership of Ur Auat Shat Shemsut Nu Auk Amen.

Within those 3 years, we developed into a full-fledged Hesp(Chapter) of the Ausar Auset Society. Jamila Taliba was renamed Seshmit Maat and soon thereafter promoted to Shehkemt (High Priestess) of our community. We then, as a full-fledged community, continued our outreach with other communities in Cleveland OH, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, and Milwaukee, to name the closest, as we combined forces in the building of a true African community based on cooperative conduct rooted in sincere Love for the culture. This allowed for us to learn from each other the teachings of our ancestors and in turn give back to our respective communities this way of life by living example.

A major part of our success was inviting other communities to come to the Midwest to promote SUS’s book signings, which in turn, spawned the creation of our local AAS Bookstore; Our Hesp co-sponsoring Dayton’s yearly African Cultural Festival, opening the way for the event by performing purification; Hosting weddings, Durbar's, African Drum & Dance Performances and Workshops; and last but not least, we hosted our own Full Moon Rituals for the Dayton, Cincinnati community.

After the third round of corporate downsizings in Dayton Ohio, Ä Sih Aqaqa Ba spread  his entrepreneurial wings and  spent a year in Chicago working with Siyamokosoyo, as an independent HVAC contractor. This was a major crossroad in his life, at which time he sought his freedom from the corporate world and did enjoy working for himself alongside Syamokosyo, his brother from another mother!

At the end of his time in Chicago and financial resources,  As Sih Aqaqa Ba received “Out of the blue" a Maat opportunity to interview for a job in Lexington Kentucky where he now resides. Upon arriving in Kentucky, he sought to start Hesp in Lexington in 1998 but it literally wasn’t in the cards! His employer, Lexmark International, required that he travel to the Far East on average four times a year, visiting China, Korea and Australia from 2000 to 2005.

Over the years, As Sih Aqaqa Ba commuted between Lexington Kentucky and Dayton Ohio and continued to assist Shekhemt Seshmit Maat tach classes & run the community in Dayton. Shekhemt Seshmit Maat battled cancer for many years and transitioned in 2006. It was shortly after her funeral that it was requested that he volunteered to assume the responsibility for the continued presence of AASI in Ohio and Kentucky.

At the AASI Retreat of 2010, SUS saw it fit to bestow upon his person and 10 other “lucky” priesthood members the title of Shekhem at the installment of Ur Auat Meter Arit of Chicago.

Current Responsibilities, Objectives, Background, & Skills 

Leadership Responsibilities:
Responsible for the growth and development  and operation of the city-states of Kentucky & Ohio. members currently reside in cities located in Lexington, Louisville KY;  Cincinnati, Dayton Columbus , Akron and Cleveland Ohio

Mission Objective:
The continuation of providing the following opportunities, passed down from Ra Un Nefer Amen through the hierarchy for over 25 years, with all seekers of Truth & Understanding.

Skills Background:
Have successfully taught many classes in which include:

I Ching & Metu Neter Oracle (Introduction and intermediate levels)
Health & Nutrition
Qi Gong (Tree of Life, Ra, Round Nei Kung, Lao Hu Gong)
My favorite… Kametic Philosophy formerly known as Cosmologics:
Ba Zi Astrology
Men Ab & Ua Ab Meditation Systems

We Offer
Advanced Tree of Life (Paut Neteru) and The 11 Laws
Also another favorite…. Metu Neter & I Ching Oracle Systems
BaZi Astrology, *Sidereal Astrology, *Feng Shui
Men Ab and Ua Ab Meditation Systems 
Holistic Health & Nutrition Yoga and Ra Qi Gong
*Het Heru Healing & Line Dance
AAS Ritual Drumming
A centerpiece of our way of life… ritual meditation.

*Note: Newly acquired skills that are still in the process of development.